customize cus‧tom‧ize [ˈkʌstəmaɪz] also customise verb [transitive usually passive] MANUFACTURING
if something is customized for a customer, it is designed, built etc specially for that customer, making it different to other things of the same kind:

• We provide both standard and customized training schemes.

• The menu makes the software easy to customize.

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customize UK US (UK usually customise) /ˈkʌstəmaɪz/ verb [T]
to make or change something according to a customer's or user's particular needs: »

Employees can customize the software to suit their needs.

customize sth (to sth) »

The basic design of the vehicle has been customized to the client's requirements.

customization (UK usually customisation) /ˌkʌstəmaɪˈzeɪʃən/ noun [U]

We can advise on the customization of your software.

customized (UK usually customised) /ˈkʌstəmaɪzd/ adjective

The company offers a customized version of the classic model for disabled drivers.

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